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We select events based on two primary things, children base and need. The events are managed by a dedicated group of people. The goal is to give each child a chance for the best outcome for their life based on them and their situation.


We strive to reach as many people as possible and provide an impactful experience where any person that is involved with Higher Purpose-The Event Foundation walks away knowing how much they matter and make a difference in this world.

We utilize social media, radio, non-profit channels and the best reference, "word of mouth" to reach as many people as possible.

Each event is centered around our set goals and our focus is how we can make the biggest impact


We produce many events leading up to the main event to promote and preregister as many attendee's as possible. The success of the main event depends on pre-party and pre-reg events.


We offer to organizations the training resources to set-up events through donation management. We are able to achieve this with our extended family of leadership, constant communication, and fantastic follow through. We offer account set-up support and strive for quality mentoring with positive communication. Such as, donate now buttons, ready to go donation pages and put you in contact with a network of people of trade for services.

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